Topics & Stories you will hear in this episode:

  • The story behind the song “Lead Me” which has encouraged and strengthened millions of marriages!
  • Why Matt has a passion to see men become the spiritual leaders in their family.
  • Blending 2 different communication styles
  • Creating a healthy family environment amidst a child chronic health conditions
  • Why Matt left the band Sanctus Real
  • What’s new in 2017 for The Hammitts.


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Episode Trailer

Matt and Sarah Hammitt share their love story & how Matt is living out the song “Lead Me.” Matt is the former lead singer and songwriter for the band, Sanctus Real and wrote and sung the hit song, “Lead Me.” Since then he and his wife Sarah have started the “Lead Me Life Conferences”, Lead Me Lifecast, a podcast that focuses on their marriage and have partnered with Family Life Ministries, Weekend to Remember Marriage Retreats. Matt and Sarah discuss their early marriage hurdles which involve traveling on a tour bus as a young married couple with the band to struggling in the area of effective communication with Sarah not feeling Matt was a strong spiritual leader in the home. Out of this experience, Matt was led to write the hit song, “Lead Me”, after he had a revelation of the importance of being the spiritual leader in his home. Matt and Sarah also have walked through the stress of finding out their son Bowen was born with a congenital heart defect which led to several heart surgeries. All of this has been a catalyst for Matt recording a new independent album that will be released in 2017, which allows for him to spend more time and attention on his family.

“Our Song” – Matt & Sarah’s Song:

In each episode we feature a song that has significance and meaning in the couples story together. Kenny G “The Wedding Song”



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