Topics & Stories you will hear in this episode:

  • The entertaining story of how Kim & Skyler knew each other in high school, but didn’t date until years later!
  • An unconventional wedding that included costume changes!
  • Life is Busy! Hear how Kim & Skyler keep their marriage connection strong
  • Encouragement & practical advice for all the single people.
  • When we pray, God is listening…and sometimes the answers come quicker than even we expect.

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This is the story of how Kim Walker-Smith and her husband Skyler met, dated, got married & how they keep their marriage strong!  Kim has quickly become one of the strongest voices in worship music. She has been a part of Jesus Culture since day one and we have the joy of attending church with Kim & Skyler each week at Jesus Culture Sacramento.

In this episode hear how Kim & Skyler keep their marriage connection strong in the midst of the busy life of being musicians & parents of young one. If you are single, there is plenty of practical advice for you and their story of meeting will be an encouragement to you today if you’re still waiting for the one.

“Our Song” – Kim & Skyler’s Song:

In each episode we feature a song that has significance and meaning in the couples story together. Ben Folds “The Luckiest”



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