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Topics & Stories you will hear in this episode:

  • Keeping your marriage strong during tough financial times.
  • A story about being stood up on the 1st date – 33 years later they are still married!
  • Speaking life & hope over our life and marriage.
  • Happy, Healthy & Whole! ( Check out the new book at Amazon )
  • Keep serving no matter your circumstances.
  • Men Mentoring Men! ( )
  • The importance of wives building up their husbands.


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Dr. Phil believes in helping people find natural alternatives and integrative nutritional solutions to their health problems.


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Remember the great recession of 2008? Dr. Phil Carson and his wife Kim sure do! They lost everything but their home because of the collapse of the economy, but kept their focus on God and marriage strong through it all. This episode will give you courage, wisdom, strength and hope if you find yourself in a financial struggle today. Hear how Kim supported her husband during the darkest times of his life & how Phil kept the hope and constantly reminded himself 3 words. “I am HAPPY, I am HEALTHY, and I am WHOLE!” – Today, 2017 Dr. Phil has released his book entitled “How to Live Until You Die: the 7 Keys to Living Happy, Healthy & Whole”

“Our Song” – Phil & Kim’s Song:

In each episode we feature a song that has significance and meaning in the couples story together. Diana Ross & Lionel Richie “Endless Love”



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