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New Love Stories Coming Soon

Our family has been enjoying our summer vacation! We took a break from editing the podcast (it takes a lot of time to produce each episode!), but we are thrilled jump back to it and share more love stories that help us all strengthen & encourage our marriages!...

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Sunday Drive!

When you have a busy schedule with 2 young kids, you make the most of your time. For us, Sunday drive to and from church is our time to review our upcoming podcast! I (Matt) drives & Becca takes notes. Are there any new sound effects to add? Should we change the...

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We have a new producer!

We did a recent Facebook live where we shared about our 2 newest podcast episodes and our new podcast producer! Craig & Jen Ferguson - This episode is for the couple currently working through a spouse's porn addiction. Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo host the #1...

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